Thriving In The First 6 Weeks 

This course was created for mums and families who are seeking guidance, care and support in the first 6 weeks of their parenting journey. It can be tough! And this program is here to build confidence, educate and guide, wherever you are, whenever you need.

Miriam and a group of leading experts in their field, all share their wisdom, experience and knowledge in a concise, non-judgemental and engaging format.

Videos, audios and transcripts available for all learning preferences. 



You Are Never Alone

Imagine thriving instead of surviving the first 6 weeks of your newborn's life! This course allows you to feel confident in your journey, by teaching you through carefully curated information, resources and ongoing support. You are not alone! And what a difference that makes through these fundamental first 6 weeks.

All Learning Styles

This program was created for everyone! I made sure to cover all learning preferences. Inside, you will find video, audio and pdf files for each module! It's up to you how you digest the information, regardless of the ever-changing circumstances that come with your newborn.  All videos have captions, so you can watch anywhere, anytime! Even in the middle of the night. 

24/7 Support

This course is online and provides ongoing support, 24 hours a day! 

You receive guidance when you need it most. Alleviating that overwhelm that may occur, particularly in those wee early morning hours. You know those that seem to drag on with no end in sight? Well, I'm here for you - a midwife in your pocket! And I got you and your family covered. 

Taught by a Midwife/Sleep Consultant 

This course was created and is taught by registered midwife and sleep consultant of 13 years.

This valuable experience in both a hospital setting and providing intimate support 1:1 with families has made the need very clear! New mothers and their families require concise, non-judgemental, easy to access information in the postnatal period. 


Thriving in the first 6 weeks is for you, if you'd like to:

  • Thrive in your early parenting journey
  • Receive information that is concise, non-judgemental and evidence based
  • Follow an online program that is easy, fun and user friendly
  • Be connected and well supported in the first weeks of your parenting journey.
  • Led and guided by industry experts through their know-how


Thriving in the first 6 weeks


An interactive experience that fills a much needed gap in the market, like no other program available online

This program is for you if you:

  • Are looking for support in the first few weeks after your baby is born
  • Want a program that will address all the questions that may arise during this period
  • Want somewhere you can confide in, surrounded by other families going through similar journey
  • Want to feel well connected with a professional that can help build confidence and parenting skills while building your own parenting style.
  • Want to be part of a community that will build you up when you need it most
  • Want practical videos that will help with the care of newborn by industry professionals

What sets this apart from other online programs?

“This program is a holistic approach to parenting and is developed so the family can find their own path while feeling well supported and educated.” 

The amount of information that you receive in this program will allow you to thrive in these first 6 weeks and beyond. You will not only be connected with Miriam, you also have a community of other families! So the journey of parenting is one of joy and togetherness, not loneliness. You have a midwife and group of leading experts in your pocket to support you the whole time.

Have time to adjust to the elusive parenting journey and thrive rather than just survive.

Do you find yourself thinking any of the following?

  • I keep receiving inconsistent advice around the care for me and my newborn
  • I feel overwhelmed about the post natal period
  • I don’t know where to go for support
  • I feel isolated and alone
  • I am finding information is so judgmental, and a one size fits all approach
  • I am suffering with mothers’ guilt
  • I am worrying about how to care and look after my baby
  • I want to know how to help my baby sleep
  • I want to know how to successfully feed my baby
  • How do I know if my baby is developing properly?
  • I am feeling lost
  • How am I going to deal with this sleep deprivation?
  • I fear the loss of connection with my pre-baby self
  • How am I going to recover from the delivery of my baby?
  • How do I bath my baby?
  • How do I wrap my baby

The Good news is, if you answered yes to any of these questions - this program is here to help.

To Sum it up

“ It's your birthright to thrive in your parenting journey! And every family should be well supported and have access to information that is concise, judgment-free and builds confidence. Families that are surrounded with support in the early days often give feedback that feeling of overwhelm and fear is reduced."

Miriam has supported me during the birth and first six weeks (and beyond!) of my three children. Her kind, caring and gentle approach is just what I needed. There’s no judgment and no stress, just unconditional support as she leads you to make your own decisions around caring for your newborn. She went above and beyond what we expected, to care, not just me, but for each of my children. It’s such a special time around the birth of your children, and she is a special person to have involved.

Felicity Harley

I’m not sure I have words that don’t amount to clichés to describe the service that Miriam offers. She is nothing short of an angel and uses her skills and knowledge to provide reassurance and assistance in a direct, nurturing way. Miriam provided me with the foundations and confidence to not just survive those first foggy, giddy, terrifying weeks of new motherhood, but to really enjoy it. Thank you, Miriam, for everything. Team Kirby couldn’t have done it without you.

The Kirby Family

This program is

  • Online and interactive
  • Allows for all learning styles with videos, audio and transcript’s
  • Done in the comfort of your own home
  • Support of Miriam - Midwife, Sleep Consultant and Mother of 2.

So, what exactly is included in this course? 

Interactive modules!

Outlined below

Module One:

  • Why is sleep so important
  • What are the sleep cycles?
  • What is my baby's sleep cycles?
  • How to encourage more sleep in a newborn?
  • Why self-care is so important to sleep?
  • Setting up healthy sleep habits

Also included is an interview with a leading expert in this topic - Mar 

By the end of this module you will feel better informed about what’s going on with your babies sleep and how to set up healthy sleep habits from day one. We all know that sleep deprivation is part of these early days, but imagine being able to navigate through this with information that is going to help you - especially in the middle of the night when things can seem so overwhelming.

Module two: Development

  • Newborn development
  • Attachment
  • Reflexes and why newborns have them
  • Milestones in the first six weeks
  • Why the 4th trimester is essential for your baby
  • What is colic and why does my baby cry so much

By the end of this module you will feel a much better understanding of what’s going with your baby development and why your baby may act in certain ways that confuse you. Understanding why babies need so much support in the first 6 weeks of their lives will allow you to implement practical and evidence-based knowledge that will help your baby, even if they do cry a lot.

Module Three: Feeding


  • Introduction to breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding essentials
  • Why skin to skin is so important
  • Why nourishing my body while breastfeeding is so important
  • Why self-care is necessary
  • Where do I go for help if I need it?

Included  in this module is an interview with specialist lactation consultant Amberley Harris

You can and will feel well informed with information surrounding breastfeeding and how to encourage positive steps to help you thrive with your feeding.

Bottle Feeding

  • Setting up for a bottle
  • Mixing up formula
  • How do I warm a bottle for feeding?
  • The importance of skin to skin whilst bottle feeding

Having a choice with your feeding is so important through this journey. It's not a one size fits all approach - so if you decide to either mix feed or solely bottle feed you feel empowered by your choice and how to successfully feel your baby.

Module four: Post Natal Healing

  • Why the 4th trimester is so important
  • What does my healing look like  after I have a baby?
  • What are the extra demands on my body?
  • Why nutrition, self-care, and support are crucial
  • What is the risk of depletion?

Included is an interview with Dr. Vijay Roach

By the end of this module you will feel better informed about what is happening in your body and with your recovery. And why rest and self -care is so important. We know that when mums give themselves time to heal properly from delivery and make the environment conducive to rest, women do better postnatally.


Module Five: Self-Care

  • Why self-care is so important in the first six weeks
  • How to manage self -care while looking after a newborn
  • How to continue to treasure yourself in the first six weeks

Included is an interview with expert, Suzi Lula

By the end of this module you will understand the importance of self-care and how you can practically implement strategies to make it part of your daily life. This is so important in allowing you to nourish you mind, body and spirt and give from a place of abundance rather than lack.

Also included is a Resource Bank

  • How to bath your baby
  • How to wrap your baby

 As this program grow so will the resource bank, I listen to what you need and will add accordingly. So, let me know!

 These videos are practical 'how to', so if you find yourself stuck  on something - you can play them as a reminder. Often, most parents only get one bath video in the hospital and get home and feel so overwhelmed. There's no need now! As you have a step by step visual guide. It's like having me standing beside you and cheering you on.

So often parents ask me 'how do I wrap my baby so they don’t escape and wake themselves up?' Well, no more guessing! You can follow my wrapping video, so you too can be a wrapping queen / king.


And there's so much more!

 Private Community Group 

  • Moderated group by yours truly
  • Question answered as you need them
  • Be connected to a group of families that are walking the same journey
  • Weekly Q&A’s. If you miss the live you will be able to catch the replay.

Receive support like no other from myself and other leading experts. My passion and drive in life is to see mums and their families thrive. I will be your cheerleader, to support and guide you when you most need it.

Complimentary One On One 

By joining thriving in the first 6 weeks you receive a 30 minute 1:1 with me, to welcome and answer any questions you have!

This will allow you to be able to use the program as best as possible and to really nourish, educate and build confidence in your parenting journey.

Your Investment


  • Free 30 minutes one on one with Miriam  
  • Free private facebook group thriving mummies
  • Watch anytime/any place
  • 12 month access
  • Online program including all 5 modules and resource bank 

Thriving In The First 6 Weeks, our private facebook group and a 30 minute complimentary video call is valued at $495!

This not just an online program that you buy and forget to use. This program will help navigate you through all the changes that are in the first 6 weeks of your journey into parenting. You will have the support from me the whole time and I cannot wait to see you inside my program! 

If you purchase now:

  • You have instant access to the whole program for 12 months
  • Private facebook group
  • One on one with Miriam

 This is an interactive experience like no other. We prepare so much for the birth! How about we put the same energy into the postpartum period, together.

Do I Qualify?
Here are the basics to register:

  • You're willing and ready to learn
  • You're willing and ready to listen and respect the advice given. This is your journey and you will find your groove in all of this but I am here to guide and support you.
  • We have a a strict “support only” policy.  Bullying, putting others down, judgement and any kind of online bullying will not be accepted. This group is about support, love, care and bringing people up. Mums have a hard enough job! My goal is to see families thrive and any guilt gone from the parenting journey.

Money Back Guarantee


I am 100% dedicated to this program and have been working on this for years! So, rest assured it’s a high quality product. I believe with my whole heart if you show up and participate in this program it will allow you to thrive in the first weeks of your parenting journey.

However, I understand that I can't be a perfect fit for everyone! (no one can be.) So, if you find that after 14 days you do not see value, you're free to drop out and ask for a full refund - no questions asked.

I want to thrive in the first 6 weeks buy now